Daksha Maroo – Another Level of Excellence

Feb 11, 2022 |
Daksha Maroo (third from the left) with Amerjit Singh and other member of the Harris Pharmacy team

Daksha Maroo (third from the left) with Amerjit Singh and other members of the Harris Pharmacy team.

Daksha Maroo started as a Level 3 apprentice at Harris Pharmacy in October 2020, and just 16 months later she is now responsible for assisting with the supervision of Level 2 apprentices. As a pharmacy owner and senior member of the team, Daksha has excelled within her Level 3 group sessions, constantly advocating community pharmacy, and sharing real experiences with her group. This includes engaging with complex peer group discussions and presenting case studies in front of her peers within the lessons.

The major factor that led to Daksha starting the course as a mature apprentice, was her drive for personal development. The skills she has gained during this apprenticeship have helped her to lead a big project of refurbishing the pharmacy, ensuring the work was carried out safely and smoothly whilst the pharmacy was kept open for business. Daksha found helping her colleagues develop new skills just as important as her own, learning that when working together as part of a team, a variety of skills from different people can complement each other and be more effective overall.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Daksha was available to participate in new services that Skills4Pharmacy provided. Giving out lateral flow tests for people to use at home and PCR tests for people travelling abroad. She was also able to assist with the administration of Covid and Flu vaccinations at the pharmacy, which have been an essential part of the pharmacy services and an important part of the ongoing training process.

Another service Daksha participated in was hypertension case finding. Hypertension is the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and a risk for atrial fibrillation, and the NHS has prioritised this as an area for improvement. This advanced service has two stages; for the first stage, Daksha’s role is to identify people at risk of hypertension and offer them blood pressure monitoring. In the second stage, the people at risk will be offered a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). Once collated, results are shared with the patient’s GP to inform of a potential diagnosis of hypertension.

Daksha and her colleagues were able to fulfil these services while making sure the day-to-day pharmacy tasks were completed efficiently and smoothly.

Daksha had this to say about Skills4Pharmacy and her apprenticeship training course:

I am extremely humbled and honoured to receive this recognition for my work and am very grateful to all my tutors at Skills4Pharmacy for the support and encouragement they have given me and apply the knowledge I have learnt to the workplace.”

Daksha’s tutor added:

Daksha is a mature learner who has developed her L3 knowledge skills and behaviours to that of a GPhC registered Pharmacy Technician. Week in, week out, she engages with her peers and shares her experiences from the community pharmacy setting. Daksha has grown in development and applied her taught knowledge in the workplace.”

Skills4Pharmacy is extremely pleased with Daksha’s progress; she is an outstanding example of what can be gained and achieved with high-quality apprenticeship training, regardless of age or career experience. Apprenticeships really are for everyone, owners, managers, technicians, and dispensers, of all ages and backgrounds – as Daksha’s journey demonstrates as she continues to consistently perform at ‘another level of excellence’.

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