Skills4Pharmacy is moving to a new e-portfolio system

Jun 7, 2022 |

Here at Skills4Pharmacy, we want to give our employers and learners the best possible experience during their time with us. Therefore, we have decided to make a big investment by switching from OneFile to Bud.

Bud is an end-to-end e-portfolio system designed to enhance the user experience. A few benefits of our brand-new system include:

  • Bud system has everything all in one place
  • Easier enrolment for employers and learners
  • Easier access to portfolios
  • Easier to upload work to tutors
  • Basic and Key Skill Builder for learners to access all their work with one login.

What does this mean for employers?

Employers will have a better level of access to see how the learner is progressing! By downloading the Bud app onto a smartphone or tablet, they’ll now have the ability to receive notifications that let them know of any tasks outstanding for the learner. This means the employer’s work becomes a bit easier as they can keep on track of each learner’s development.

Managing and delivering vocational training is a huge commitment for an employer, which is why we’re making sure the switchover will be smooth and won’t interrupt any of your ongoing work.

What does this mean for learners?

For the learners, all of their previous work and progress from OneFile will be transferred over to Bud for them to easily access. Tutors will run through Bud and how the apprentices will use this system during their apprenticeship. Using the Bud app, learners can visually see where they are up to on their apprenticeship journey.

Learners will find Bud’s interface easy to use, meaning less excuses for incomplete tasks, and less complaints during teaching sessions and reviews – which makes life easier for you, and improves completion rates.

Learning in the workplace

When learners are in the workplace, they need to be adding value whilst completing their tasks. With Bud, learners can collect evidence with minimal disruption to their daily routine, e.g. uploading photographs or comments directly from their smartphone and checking their next set of tasks.

If you have any questions regarding the switch from OneFile to Bud, please give us a call at 0161 794 0528 or email