Complaints Policy

Responsible officer: Managing Director
Approved by: Amerjit Singh
Position: Managing Director
Approved date: January 2022
Next review date: January 2023


1. Introduction

Skills 4 Pharmacy is the trading name of I & F limited. Skills 4 Pharmacy is a niche training provider offering apprenticeship training programmes to community pharmacies, hospitals, hubs and primary care networks.

Applies to:
All learners, employers, stakeholders and members of the public.

Reason for policy:
To resolve complaints in a timely and effective manner, to use the information to improve our service, and to ensure complaints can be handled professionally.


2. Policy

It is acceptable that at times, a person can feel aggrieved by their treatment or service, and it is essential that Skills 4 Pharmacy have a professional mechanism to deal with the complaint.

We treat a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response.


Complaints Procedure
A formal complaint can be made to Skills 4 Pharmacy by via


Or In writing to Skills 4 Pharmacy, Unit 7 Cable Court, Pittman Way, Preston, PR2 9YW

To ensure the availability of evidence, complaints should be made within 6 months of an incident taking place.

A complaint will formally be acknowledged by Skills 4 Pharmacy within one working day of receipt.

Complaints will be reviewed by the Head of Operations (HOO) who will initiate and coordinate the appropriate investigation based on the categorisation and severity. This may include interviews with appropriate parties and if necessary further clarification from the complainant. Should a complaint involve a staff member the HOO will alert the MD.

Skills 4 Pharmacy will aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days, should a further period be required, the complainant will be informed.

The HOO/nominated deputy will write to the complainant advising him/her of the conclusions of the investigation.


On receipt of a complaint the HOO will review the complaint and decide, dependent on the significance, whether the compliant will be escalated to stage 2 or 3 immediately. Examples where escalation might take place would be if the concern came from an external agency, related to equality and diversity or was a health and safety matter.


The leadership team will receive monthly reports on complaints, and on a quarterly basis the Board will be presented with a summary. The HOO analyses complaints quality for trends and investigates appropriate action to improve service provided.


Additional Information
Complaints against the Managing Director should be addressed to the Board at Skills 4 Pharmacy, Unit 6 Cable Court, Preston, PR2 9YW


Stage 1 Resolve or Escalate

  • Colleague receiving the compliant to give a deadline for providing resolution
  • If it cannot be resolved by the manager it is escalated to the HOO using the complaints form via email
  • For complaints resolved a form will be sent to the HOO showing the resolution

Stage 2 Seniot Escalation

  • 10 working days to resolve the complaint
  • HOO responsible for communication with complainant to inform them of the investigation and outcome if resolved at this stage
  • If it is not resolved at this stage the complaints form is sent to the Managing Director

Stage 3 Managing Director and External

  • 10 further days to resolve the complaint
  • If the complainant is not happy with the response at this stage, the complainant should be directed to the ESFA and/or Awarding Organisation depending on the type of complaint


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