Health & Safety Policy

Responsible officer: Managing Director
Approved by: Amerjit Singh & Board
Position:Managing Director
Approved Date: January 2022
Next review due: January 2023



Skills 4 Pharmacy is the trading name of I & F limited. Skills 4 Pharmacy is a niche training provider offering apprenticeship training programmes to community pharmacies, hospitals, hubs and primary care networks.

This policy sets out the means to provide a flexible response framework so that Skills 4 Pharmacy can:

  • prevent accidents and ill health to our colleagues and others affected by our work, including learners, contractors, members of the public and business associates
  • adopt a recognised health and safety management systems business model
  • ensure health and safety is integral to all line management processes and decisions
  • establish a culture that supports the control of risk by promoting active personal involvement, safe behaviour, teamwork and co-operation
  • reduce health and safety risks through the continued development of a systematic assessment approach
  • continuously and cost effectively improve our health and safety arrangements and performance.

The management of health and safety must be integral to our work and consequently, this policy will be closely linked with other Skills 4 Pharmacy policies and guidelines. In reviewing or devising any guidelines affecting work activities, this policy should be taken into account.

Applies to: 


This policy sets out the means to achieve and maintain adequate standards of health and safety at work across our business and applies to all Skills 4 Pharmacy stakeholders wherever they are directed to work, and will also apply to all business departments.  

It is the responsibility of all our managers to ensure the health and safety of colleagues, learners and others who may be affected by our activities under their control.  


Reason for policy: 


This policy is in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant legislation, and it applies to all Skills 4 Pharmacy activities. 

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