Safeguarding and Prevent Policy

Effective From: 1.6.21
Approved: Board of Directors
Responsible Officer: Cordelia Singh
Next Renew Due: June 2020



SKILLS4 is a Pharmacy Apprenticeship Training Provider dedicated to initiating and furthering the careers of Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Support Workers. We take pride in delivering high quality training programmes to learners and have a team of tutors who guide and support learners on their journey to success.

We ensure that our core values take priority when conducting quality assurance activities. This policy aims to develop, support and achieve high quality teaching and learning form part of the overall self-assessment and quality improvement processes. The data and information extracted from the observation of teaching, learning and assessment, feedback from learners and reviews of documentation will be used to inform the annual self- assessment report and to shape development priorities.

We believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or adult to experience abuse or discrimination of any kind, and recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and adults at risk will be treated less favourably than others in being able to access services which meet their specific individual needs, and this is linked to our Equality and Diversity Policy and Social Inclusion Strategies.

This policy has been developed to describe the responsibilities of everyone for the recognition and prevention of abuse and to clarify the actions to take when abuse is suspected or identified. Therefore, the aim of this policy is to ensure that we fulfil its responsibilities towards the protection, welfare and safety of children and vulnerable adults.


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