Whistleblowing Policy

Effective From: 1.1.21
Approved: Board of Directors
Responsible Officer: Cordelia Singh
Next Renew Due: January 2022



All employees



The whistleblowing policy gives employees an account of what is, or is not, acceptable behaviour and allows sensitive issues to be dealt with internally, encouraging employees to report wrongdoing while protecting the organisation from unexpected public disclosures.

It is not a substitute for other management procedures, such as performance appraisals and disciplinary and grievance procedures. It is important, however, that such interactions between managers and employees should be documented to enable the distinction to be made between proper and improper practice.



Whistleblowing inside the workplace is the reporting, by employees or ex-employees, of wrongdoing such as fraud, malpractice, mismanagement, breach of health and safety law or any other illegal or unethical act, either on the part of management or by fellow employees.



Employees wishing to invoke the whistleblowing policy should do so through either their manager or if required the Managing Director.

Any employee invoking the whistleblowing policy will be assured of a fair and impartial investigation and will be supported throughout the process.


Policy Statement

Skills4 are committed to:

  • An open and communicative culture
  • Supportive routes of communication of concerns
  • Fair and impartial investigation procedure
  • Safeguarding against abuse of the policy
  • Ensuring confidentiality within contracts of employment


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